Hall of Infamy

Hall of Infamy: Mahmoud Ahmadinejad (part 2)

August 25, 2011

"Iran believes that whoever is for humanity should also be for eradicating the Zionist regime (Israel) as symbol of suppression and discrimination.

"Iran follows this issue with determination and decisiveness and will never ever withdraw from this standpoint and policy."


Hall of Infamy: Raza Nadim

August 23, 2011

"You're Zionists, the most vile animals to walk the earth.

"I've never come across a worse bunch of people than Zionists."


Hall of Infamy: Jody McIntyre

August 18, 2011

"I saw Ilan Pappe this week; he predicted that Israel were on brink of launching major war to distract pressure. Could Eilat be the pretext?"


Hall of Infamy: Nick Griffin

August 8, 2011

"Riot footage shows it a joint black/Jewish affair.

"Now that is strange. Wonders of multi culturalism."


Hall of Infamy: Manfred Klaschka

April 6, 2011

"If it's requested, it's made. I don't want to be pulled into this because I'm a confectioner and there's nothing more to it.

"If someone ordered it, I'd create a Gaddafi cake."


Hall of Infamy: Charlie Sheen

March 11, 2011

"If you eat like me, you can be like me. This won't be a kosher meal.

"Not because I'm antisemitic, but because my tiger blood needs meat."


Hall of Infamy: President Ali Abdullah Saleh

March 1, 2011

"There is an operations room in Tel Aviv with the aim of destabilising the Arab world.

"The operations room is in Tel Aviv and run by the White House."


Hall of Infamy: Glenn Beck

February 23, 2011

"Reformed rabbis are generally political in nature. It's almost like Islam, radicalised Islam in a way.

"Radicalised Islam is less about religion than it is about politics. When you look at the reform Judaism, it is more about politics.

"It's not about terror or anything else, it's about politics, and so it becomes more about politics than it does about faith."


Hall of Infamy: Mohamed Morsy

February 4, 2011

"We are not against the Jews. We are against Zionism."


Hall of Infamy: Lupe Fiasco

February 2, 2011

"Gaza Strip was getting burned, Obama didn't say s***t.

"That's why I ain't vote for him, next one either."