Hall of Fame

Hall of Fame: Pamela Anderson

March 9, 2011

"I love Israel, I think it’s a beautiful place, very forward-thinking people, really wonderful.

"And it’s gorgeous and beautiful here, and I think it’s a really important part of the world. I need to bring my boys, yes, I do."


Hall of Fame: Natalie Portman (part 2)

March 4, 2011

"Ashton has taught me more about Judaism than I think I have ever learned from anyone else.

"Ashton's a very serious student of Kabbalah and Judaism. He knows a lot. He reads the Torah every Saturday."


Hall of Fame: Alan Rusbridger

March 2, 2011

"Big day. Coming to terms with revelation that I am Jewish."


Hall of Fame: Lindsay Lohan

By Jennifer Lipman, February 15, 2011

"I pray Egypt maintains it's treaty with Israel and sets the trend for its neighbors to create peace with Israel and the entire region."


Hall of Fame: Jerry Seinfeld

January 28, 2011

"I love nothing better than a giant blizzard. I really love it.

"It just stops everybody. It’s the Yom Kippur of meteorology."


Hall of Fame: Darren Aronofsky

January 27, 2011

"You can’t boycott an entire nation."


Hall of Fame: Ricky Gervais

January 18, 2011

"Beautiful, talented and Jewish."


Hall of Fame: Lord Sugar

January 12, 2011

"Don’t bet on this but if I did the first thing I would do is circumcise [Piers] Morgan."


Hall of Fame: Rachel Zoe

January 11, 2011

"I'm also Jewish. So I'm a little superstitious.

"I've been sent a lot of gifts and things and my team just hides them."


Hall of Fame: Gabrielle Giffords

January 10, 2011

"If you want something done, your best bet is to ask a Jewish woman to do it.

"Jewish women - by our tradition and by the way we were raised - have an ability to cut through all the reasons why something should, shouldn’t or can’t be done, and pull people together to be successful."