Campus news

Israeli journalist gives students an insight into the Middle-East conflict

By Naomi Firsht, October 19, 2015

Israeli journalist and writer Ari Shavit spent a week visiting campuses across the country to talk about the Israel-Palestine conflict and the current situation for Israelis.

Over 550 students attended the talks in Birmingham, Cambridge, London, Leeds and Oxford, organised by the Union of Jewish Students.


Oxford students launch online magazine to debate Zionism

By Naomi Firsht, October 14, 2015

An online magazine has been launched by a Jewish student at Oxford University aiming to broaden the debate on Zionism.

Politics undergraduate Aaron Simons launched Zionish last week, describing it as promoting "liberal Zionism". The inaugural edition carried nine articles covering topics such as "What is Zionism?" and "Why are most Jews Zionist?"


Pop-up succah inspires refugee food and funds collection

By Naomi Firsht, October 12, 2015

An interfaith event inspired by the festival of Succot raised £300 for refugees.

The University of Surrey Jewish Society, Islamic Society and Holy Trinity Church Guildford joined forces for a lunchtime food and money collection for refugees last week.


London students entertained by reality TV star at Friday night dinner

By Naomi Firsht, October 12, 2015

More than 130 students attended the first central London Friday night dinner of the new university year.

Reality television star Judge Robert Rinder entertained students at Western Marble Arch Synagogue last weekend.

The dinners, co-organised by University Jewish Chaplaincy and the Union of Jewish Students, will continue on a weekly basis throughout the academic year.


Egalitarian service plan for Brighton

By Naomi Firsht, October 8, 2015

Brighton and Sussex Jewish Society will host egalitarian minyans in a bid to engage students looking for an alternative to Orthodox services.

The JSoc also hopes to boost its current membership of around 200.

Progressive minyans are the first of a series of new projects that the society's committee has planned to encourage more students to attend.


Exeter University's Israeli settlements conference explained

By Naomi Firsht, October 8, 2015

A pro-Israel professor has said taking part in a university conference on "settler colonialism in Palestine" was the right thing to do.

Professor Gabriel Brahm spoke at the conference at Exeter University last weekend.


NUS refusal to work with Cage welcomed by Jewish students

By Naomi Firsht, October 2, 2015

The Union of Jewish Students has welcomed the National Union of Students’s decision to rule out future work with a campaign group linked to Islamic State terrorist Mohammed Emwazi.

NUS president Megan Dunn said on Friday that her union would not co-operate with Cage.

David Cameron had previously criticised the student body for its links to the controversial group.


Deal over Israel conference is a 'waste of time'

By Naomi Firsht, October 1, 2015

The Jewish Leadership Council has been criticised over a deal with Exeter University that will see two pro-Israel academics take part in a conference on "settler colonialism in Palestine".

Concerns were raised in the summer by the Board of Deputies and grassroots pro-Israel groups that the conference, due to take place this weekend, would be anti-Israel.


Expectations high for Leeds JSoc

October 1, 2015

The new term got off to a flying start for Jewish students in Leeds, with more than 100 freshers joining the Jewish Society, a new kosher halls of residence, and the arrival of Aish "couple-on-campus" Rabbi Adam and Anna Ross.


Pro-Israel speakers to talk at Exeter University Israeli settlements conference

By Naomi Firsht, September 25, 2015

Pro-Israel speakers will provide a counter narrative at a conference on “Settler Colonialism in Palestine” at the University of Exeter as part of a deal with the university’s vice-chancellor.