Campus news

Jewish life soars at Wills and Kate uni

By Marcus Dysch, November 18, 2010

St Andrews JSoc is enjoying one of its most successful years thanks to a significant membership boost.

Last year the society signed up around 200 new members, meaning more events, backed by more people, are now able to take place.

At the end of October, JSoc arranged a successful Shabbaton with the help of members from nearby Dundee Hebrew Congregation. After a Shabbat morning service they held a discussion on the week's parsha and a bagel lunch.

Bill and Emily Shackman, from the Dundee community, have agreed to return to lead a number of services for students throughout the year.


Football helping UJS to build bridges

By Marcus Dysch, November 18, 2010

A five-a-side complex in Nottingham may be a long way from Real Madrid's Bernabeu stadium, but for one group of student footballers the Spanish capital is their next destination.

The Seely 17 team, winners of the third annual Juefa Cup, will see Jose Mourinho's men compete in La Liga as their prize after picking up their own trophy at Sunday's tournament.

Following the success of the last two years in Birmingham and Leeds, the Union of Jewish Students' event attracted nearly 30 teams and more than 200 students to Nottingham.


Two go head-to-head in battle for UJS presidency

By Marcus Dysch, November 11, 2010

Two candidates have started their campaign to become the most important figure in Jewish student politics.

Daniel Grabiner and Marcelle Jennings have been confirmed as the only students standing to become UJS president and follow current incumbent Alex Dwek.

They will go through a rigorous election process, culminating with the result being announced after a final hustings evening in Birmingham on December 1.


Idan on his way to UK

By Marcus Dysch, November 11, 2010

Israeli singer-songwriter Idan Raichel will tour campuses later this month.

He will perform in Leeds, Birmingham and Nottingham between November 28 and December 1 as part of a campaign organised by the Union of Jewish Students.

It is hoped the triple platinum-selling artist will also hold discussion groups with students following his gigs to discuss interfaith work and unity on campus.

In Leeds he is expected to run a workshop with the university's music department, handing down essential tips to Jewish and non-Jewish students.


Walking tubes and rugelach on the go

By Jennifer Lipman, November 5, 2010

London is either a student's dream or nightmare. On the one hand, there are world-class academic institutions and bars and clubs for every taste. On the other, you have to get the tube to class and rents can be astronomical.

As second-year Queen Mary University student Danni Godsi puts it, "it really depends on the type of person".

The city's Jewish student body is thought to number around 2,000, but the true figure is probably higher, as not everyone signs up for JSoc. Around 30 universities are covered by UJS, with at least 20 JSocs in the capital.


Mature students find new flavour for Jewish life

By Katie Taylor, November 4, 2010

A new society for Jewish postgraduates and mature students has been set up in Yorkshire.

Leeds students Michael Kay and Kate Sutton, along with Julia Doff from Manchester University, set up the Jewish Postgraduate society (JPG) last month.

"We want to provide a different flavour from the usual JSoc events," said Michael, 23, who is studying for a PhD in the history of science.

"We aren't the first to try this. UJS did something similar years ago, but there wasn't much interest – possibly because there weren't so many students.


Vandals target Jewish centre on Illinois campus

By Jennifer Lipman, November 1, 2010

A Chabad house at a prestigious American university has been vandalised.

Attackers broke the bulbs and one branch of a statue of a menorah outside the Jewish centre, which serves students at the Northwestern University campus in Illinois.

Local police said they were viewing the incident as a hate crime and investigating what happened.

The Chabad director, Rabbi Dov Hillel Klein, told the student newspaper that the vandalism reinforced “the need to educate people on the importance of different religious symbols.”


Victory at Cambridge Israel is 'rogue state' debate

By Jennifer Lipman, October 29, 2010

An Israeli politician received a warm welcome at a recent Cambridge Union debate.

Ran Gidor, Israel’s minister for political affairs, was joined by former radical Islamist Shiraz Maher to oppose the motion “Israel is a rogue state” at the debate last Thursday.

Arguing for the other side was Lauren Booth, the pro-Palestinian activist and half-sister of Cherie Blair, who announced last weekend that she had converted to Islam.


Capitol Hill is at the end of my road

October 28, 2010

Washington is one of the most exciting cities I've ever been in - and I took a gap year in south-east Asia.

Capitol Hill is at the end of my road and my house is right by the Lincoln Memorial and the National Mall. It's like living down the road from Parliament and in walking distance from St Paul's Cathedral.


New Hillel to boost life in Cardiff

By Katie Taylor, October 28, 2010

Jewish students in Cardiff are enjoying improved facilities in a revamped Hillel House.

The refurbished property has four bedrooms for live-in students, new lighting and a plasma-screen television.

The kitchen can now be used to prepare both meat and milk meals, so that the JSoc can host Friday night dinners.

Central development officer for UJS Matt Keston hopes "the new Hillel will attract more people. There are only 30 members of Cardiff JSoc."