Campus news

We have Starbucks and Tesco, but no kosher meat

By Marcus Dysch, December 22, 2011

When I began my business course at the University of Nottingham I never in my wildest dreams thought I'd be moving all the way to the other side of the world to a city called Ningbo, in China, as part of my degree.

Arriving for my exchange year I asked myself what I was doing. China is completely different to home, and Ningbo especially so. It was hot and sticky.


Rise of fraternities leads to friction

By Jennifer Lipman, December 15, 2011

The increasing popularity of Jewish "fraternities" is dividing opinion on campuses across the country.

Students at UJS conference earlier this month voted to condemn the groups, accusing them of being "exclusive" and "sexist".

In the past year, many campuses have witnessed the launch of clubs replicating the US Greek system which has often featured in comedy films such as Old School.



Nottingham in need of funds after years of success

By Marcus Dysch, December 8, 2011

One of the country's largest university Jewish societies is to launch a fundraising campaign to help finance an improved centre for their social and religious events.


York students reject Hebrew University twinning

By Marcus Dysch, December 5, 2011

Students at York University have rejected the chance to link their union with Jerusalem's Hebrew University.

A referendum was initiated by politics student Jacob Campbell, who said he wanted to stand up for Israel and curb anti-Israel and antisemitic activity on British campuses.


Israel envoy Taub goes back to university

By Marcus Dysch, December 5, 2011

Daniel Taub, Israeli Ambassador to Britain, has made his first campus visit since being appointed.


'UJS has failed - now it's time for change'

By Marcus Dysch, December 1, 2011

The Union of Jewish Students elects its new president on Sunday, with law student Alex Green the only candidate standing to lead the union.

The solitary application appears to represent Jewish students' significant loss of interest in the role.


Campus notebook: Manchesters UV light party

By Marcus Dysch, December 1, 2011

● Students from around the country took part in a Shabbat meal with a difference in Manchester, dining with only UV lights guiding their way.

The Manchester JSoc "blackout" was thought to be the first Friday night event of its type in the world.

Organisers spent several days constructing a new temporary ceiling at the venue to ensure the room would be dark enough, before installing UV floo


Shake up for London Jewish student life

By Jennifer Lipman, November 25, 2011

The London JSoc committee has been scrapped.

Under a new system work instead will focus on the efforts of individual university JSocs on their own campuses, including at UCL, Kings and LSE.

Larger capital-wide activities will be organised by a new London Jewish Societies network, run by Brunel student Ilana Sichel.


Campus notebook: Bnei Akiva roadshow

By Marcus Dysch, November 24, 2011

● Bnei Akiva movement workers took part in the organisation's annual nationwide roadshow, running barbecues for students and discussing BA's work.

They spoke to 26 students in Birmingham before travelling to campuses in Manchester and Leeds this week.BA national director Alex Cohen said: "Our bogrim (students) are the lynchpin of our movement.


From touchline to Torah for Liberal chaplain

November 24, 2011

Picture a typical Jewish chaplain. A bearded man in a black suit, white shirt and a black kippah may spring to mind.