Shake up for London Jewish student life

By Jennifer Lipman, November 25, 2011
Ilana Sichel and Gabriel Chain

Ilana Sichel and Gabriel Chain

The London JSoc committee has been scrapped.

Under a new system work instead will focus on the efforts of individual university JSocs on their own campuses, including at UCL, Kings and LSE.

Larger capital-wide activities will be organised by a new London Jewish Societies network, run by Brunel student Ilana Sichel.

She will coordinate smaller committees tasked with arranging specific large events including Friday night dinners, Booze for Jews and balls.

Psychology student Ilana said: "We have done this because we wanted to give all the JSocs within London the opportunity to establish and grow independently without relying on the larger London JSoc as an organising committee."

She said the hope was to encourage more people "to get involved and take part in what they want to make of their student life in London".

The plan has been developed by former London JSocs president Gabriel Chain and UJS London officer Emily Black.

Last updated: 2:04pm, November 25 2011