Campus notebook: Bnei Akiva roadshow

By Marcus Dysch, November 24, 2011

● Bnei Akiva movement workers took part in the organisation's annual nationwide roadshow, running barbecues for students and discussing BA's work.

They spoke to 26 students in Birmingham before travelling to campuses in Manchester and Leeds this week.BA national director Alex Cohen said: "Our bogrim (students) are the lynchpin of our movement. While their major involvement will always be to give back and reinvigorate the movement and the broader community, it is vital that we continue to show them how highly we value everything that they do."

● Newcastle JSoc held its annual Friday night community meal to thank members of the local community for the support they show students. Around 65 people attended the dinner, prepared by the JSoc committee with the help of community members. The guest speaker was Professor Max Sussman.

Last updated: 11:49am, November 24 2011