Chabad breaking records

By Marcus Dysch, October 11, 2011

Chabad houses across the country welcomed students to Rosh Hashanah meals and services, with more than 150 people attending events in Oxford, 120 in Nottingham, 75 at the Shoreditch centre and around 70 in Bristol.

In Edinburgh, Chabad rented space at a local hotel to host more than 60 students on the first night of Yom Tov.

Imperial College Chabad hosted its first ever festival service on campus in the student union dining hall, attracting more than 65 people.

Rabbi Eli Brackman, chairman of Chabad on Campus UK, said: "The soaring number of Jewish students attending Rosh Hashanah with us is a great success for the beginning of the academic year, as well as the huge number of sign-ups at Freshers' Fairs stalls across the country."

Students also joined Chabad rabbis in Oxford, Leeds and London to visit hospital patients, including one trip to blow the shofar for a Holocaust survivor.

The organisation's newest student centre is in Birmingham, where Rabbi Yossi Cheruff and his wife Rivki will provide an expanded range of Friday night dinners, Shabbat meals, and social events for students at universities in the city.

Last updated: 10:52am, October 11 2011