Where to go, what to do, who to see

By Hannah Tosh, September 15, 2011
Hannah Marber:  Capital gains

Hannah Marber: Capital gains

Moving to a new city does not need to be daunting. We asked students for their top tips on where to eat, drink, party and pray on their campuses.


Melanie Charles: "The best things to do are the huge events like Booze 4 Jews. Our JSoc makes it easy for us to travel to all the Booze 4 Jews in other major cities which is great because I get to see all my friends and meet other Jewish people at different universities around the country.

"In Nottingham I love going to Coco Tang and sipping cocktails with the girls. It's a relaxed atmosphere and something a bit different for my evening."


Melanie Charles: Nuts for Notts

Melanie Charles: Nuts for Notts

Ben Friedman: "My favourite thing to do with JSoc is to go to all the different events such as Booze 4 Jews and Friday Fever. It means you're able to socialise with different people who you might not otherwise meet.

"In Leeds I like to go to different pubs such as the Library and the Hyde Park. My friends and I often go to places like O2 Academy on a Wednesday night or Mission on a Thursday night."


Jamie Rudette: "Sheffield has a smaller JSoc and I love that it gives you a home away from home with the support of the local Jewish community. I really enjoy the movie nights they put on for chilling with friends.

"In the city itself I would recommend the Bowery Bar, and Bungalows and Bears to catch up with friends and meet people."


Hannah Marber: "I really enjoyed the Purim party at Sound in Leicester Square.

"Moonlighting is a super grimy bar on Greek Street. It plays the cheesiest music around and is always unbearably sweaty, but somehow we end up there most Monday nights."

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