Our top tips for saving, shopping and socialising

September 15, 2011

Going away to university will give you more freedom than you have ever had before, and leave you managing a tight budget and plenty of other challenges.

Brothers James and Michael Eder, co-founders of student advice website studentbeans.com, share their tips on making life on campus that little bit easier.

● Join your Jewish Society. It's the best way to meet other Jewish people on campus. JSocs put on great events throughout the year and will be your fast-track to a bustling social life.

● Get involved in the local Jewish community. By going to the synagogue or getting involved in volunteering you will find that local residents are very hospitable. You are bound to get that all important invite to Friday night dinner and no doubt a few food parcels for the week as well.

● Make friends quickly by learning how to make a killer chicken soup, hummus or lokshen pudding. A good cook book can get you a long way and what could be more fun than hosting dinner for all your flatmates to test out your new recipes?

● Even if you are not living in Hillel it can still be a great base for events, bagel lunches or just a quiet place to hang out and have a kosher meal.

● Kosher food can sometimes be hard to find at uni. In the absence of local butchers and shops, remember that big supermarkets often have a dedicated kosher section where you can find all your favourites.

● Keep a list and work out your essential living costs. It may sound a little mundane, but it really does show you where your money goes and how easily cash gets frittered away. Note how much you spend and you will be able to budget each month and clearly see where you can cut back.

● Don't take too much cash on a night out, and consider leaving your bank card at home. If you've only got £10 on you, you'll only spend that amount. Just remember to have enough money to get home safely.

● Make use of your student status as often as possible. It is only when you stop being a student that you realise how valuable vouchers and student discounts really are. A Young Person's Rail Card is a great one to get you started, saving you a third off journeys.

Last updated: 3:20pm, September 15 2011