Looking back on the best days of our lives

As the academic year comes to an end, we discover graduating students' favourite JSoc moments.

By Jennifer Lipman, June 2, 2011

Ilana Kosky
Hebrew and Arabic Studies, St Anne's College, Oxford University

Friday nights will probably be the thing I'll miss the most about Jewish life at Oxford. There was always such a great atmosphere over Shabbat, and it was a great opportunity to catch up with everyone and eat delicious food.

I'm also really proud of the social-action projects we did, from helping out at a homeless shelter to Challah for Hunger, a baking and selling project in aid of charities aiming to combat starvation around the world.

I don't have a job lined up for next year, but I'm looking forward to having a break after finals, and deciding which path I'd like to take – either journalism or Middle East conflict resolution work – or possibly something that combines both.

Carly Minsky
Physics and Philosophy, Nottingham University

There was one Shabbat meal where there was jelly for dessert and due to a lack of bowls we declared it 'communal jelly' and everyone ended up eating out of the same giant pot.

At our Drink whilst you Think series of events, our education officer brought a brewing kit. Unfortunately no one was particularly enthusiastic about the thought of making their own and we ended up with a keg of fermenting beer in our house for months.

There's always been a good excuse to dress up in costumes, set off fireworks and create dangerous bonfires, have a barbecue in the rain, eat and drink excessive amounts, and even have an inflatable bouncy castle wrestling championship.

Alexander Newman
Economics and Management, Pembroke College, Oxford

The major events such as the bagel brunches, the garden party and the ball are particular highlights.

I feel that my lasting memories will be based on the friendships that these events, and others such as the Friday night dinners, have facilitated, which will last beyond my days as a student.

Our once-a-term Bring a Friend Friday night dinners were the perfect opportunity to mix Oxford college life with Jewish life, by introducing friends to Jewish culture.

Bringing together people from across the UK, ranging from Romsey to Glasgow, and around the world, from Strasbourg to California, is something Oxford JSoc can be very proud of.

Daniel Grabiner
Economics and Politics, University of Leeds

My favourite university memory is of the first Friday night my committee and I ran for JSoc.

It was "Champushi" (champagne and sushi) themed and we were up until about 4am the night before making close to 1,000 pieces of sushi.

Around 220 people attended and we even had breakdancers as entertainment. The icing on the cake was when our chaplain got involved and attempted to breakdance.

I was also really proud of the bottle top collection we put together for Holocaust Memorial Day. We collected around 24,000 bottle tops from the Jewish community as well as football clubs, bars, clubs and university unions.

Charlotte Karp
History, Jesus College, Cambridge

I will definitely miss Cambridge University Jewish Society.

The Friday night dinners have definitely been a major highlight of my weeks at university, especially during exam term. After the toils and tribulations of work, you always knew that there was a meal and your friends waiting when you got to JSoc.

I found Cambridge JSoc's education programmes innovative. They gave the chance to be exposed to a whole variety of subject areas in an interactive, relaxed and fun way.

My greatest challenge has been defending Israel on campus. It forced me to become far more knowledgeable in order to argue a case to counteract those made in both private and public forums.

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