An early chance to pass out with honours

By Marcus Dysch, March 31, 2011
Members of Durham JSoc celebrate winning the Developing JSoc award at last year’s awards night

Members of Durham JSoc celebrate winning the Developing JSoc award at last year’s awards night

The efforts of the country's most dedicated Jewish students will be recognised at an awards night on Sunday.

It will be the third time the Union of Jewish Students has held the annual dinner and ceremony.

More than 50 candidates from JSocs across Britain have been nominated in eight categories for the Camden event.

A new award for 2011 is the Large JSoc Committee of the Year prize, which will be the only category voted for on the night by students and community figures attending the ceremony. Votes will be cast after video highlights of the four nominees' efforts are shown.

Potential award winners stretch from whole JSoc committees working with hundreds of members to individual students committed to defending Israel or doing social work on their campuses.

The Campaigns Award, sponsored by CST, will be hotly-contested, reflecting the amount of work done in the past year to combat anti-Israel activity at universities.

Among the nominees is Gabi Kobrin, of LSE Israel Society. She led a walkout by Jewish students at a controversial event at the university in February.

Fellow students who put her name forward referred to Gabi's "tireless and courageous work" and described her as a "passionate, outstanding leader".

Also nominated in the category are Danny Schwarz and Daisy Abboudi who successfully campaigned to stop Warwick University's student union twinning with the Islamic University of Gaza. They formulated a campaign strategy, designed flyers and wrote a counter-proposal to overturn the motion by more than 200 votes.

The WJR Social Action Award will reflect the charity and volunteer work undertaken by hundreds of Jewish students.

Among the nominees is Ricky Kaplan, who devised Nottingham JSoc's volunteering programme. One student proposing him for the award said: "Whatever the measure of success for a social action project, Ricky's V-Scheme has it in bucket loads. He's an absolute mensch."

Hannah Gaventa, of King's College JSoc, is nominated for her work setting up Mitzvah Day activities in London. She helped arrange a blood donor drive, gardening and animal preservation at an outdoor centre and a charity food scheme.

Each award comes with an individual prize, ranging from trips to Israel, the former Soviet Union and Washington DC to a place on the UJS Apprentice scheme.

UJS chair Alex Dwek said: "This is an invaluable opportunity to recognise the hard work and dedication of Jewish students on campus."

Following the success of last year's awards, UJS' Emma Rickman has again co-ordinated the gala evening.


UJIA Education
Alex Prinsley
Josh Dresner and Ruthie Arkush
Lauren Davidson

CST Campaigns
Alex Goodman and Ruthie Arkush
Gabi Kobrin
Rebecca Schapira
Joseph Moses
Alex Green
Daisy Abboudi and Danny Schwarz

Israel Connect Events
Kendal Palmer and Suzanne Smulovitch
Martin Samson and Sarah Weingarten
Tim Abraham
Ohad Khammar and Laura Jahnke
Deborah Abraham and Oli Kasin
Gavin Lerner and Dagania Stanfield,
Benjy Levy, Stu Bernstein, Charlotte Sapier, Olivia Morris and Daniella Haft

WJR Social Action
Joe Bronstein
Hannah Gaventa
Ricky Kaplan
Laura Jahnke
Aurel Diamond

TrainE-TraidE Communications
Andy Lawrence
Rob Prager
Beverly Nesbit
Natalie Bracey

UJC Developing JSoc
St Andrews
Nottingham Trent

Hillel Alan Senitt Outstanding Contribution
Alex Newman
Josh Marks
Anthony Bunt
Ilana Fenster
Reuben Sagar
Debbie Minsky
Ben Grabiner
Zack Gothelf
Sacha Stout
Martin Samson

Large JSoc Committee

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