Campus notebook: Chabad celebrates Shabbat 1000

By Marcus Dysch, February 24, 2011

Chabad societies across Britain pulled in a record number of students to mark the Shabbat 1000 initiative.

Friday night dinner events on February 11 included guest speakers and themed menus. In Leeds students tucked into a meat buffet, with Middle East and sushi style dining at other locations.

Students at the universities of Kent and Southampton were delivered cases of Shabbat provisions including chicken soup, schnitzel and kugel, despite having no Chabad presence on campus.

Co-director Sora Cohen said: "Shabbat 1000 connected students with the bigger picture, knowing that they were celebrating Shabbat along with hundreds of others throughout the country."

● Oxford JSoc's Parents' Shabbat welcomed more than 100 parents for Friday night dinner.

They took part in activities including a shul service, a session with chaplain Rabbi Daniel Braune Friedman, and a talk by Board of Deputies vice-chair Jonathan Arkush.

Shabbat day sessions included a tour of the scenic university campus, a seudah, and finally havdallah at Rabbi Friedman's house.

● Warwick University's Israel-Palestine Forum (IPF) hosted a passionate debate on the West Bank security barrier.

The speakers at the February 10 forum Wall versus Fence: The West Bank Barrier were Chris Doyle, director of the Council for Arab-British Understanding, and political affairs broadcaster James Marlow.

Mr Doyle questioned the legality of the barrier while Mr Marlow explained its importance to Israel's security.

More than 150 students, university staff and Warwick residents took part in a fiery debate with the speakers.

The IPF's Joe Whalen said: "This event was perhaps the best we've had so far. Two great speakers, a huge turnout and an electric debate afterwards."

Last updated: 12:13pm, February 24 2011