Comment: Campuses must be safe for us all

By Rebecca Schapira, February 10, 2011

For too long, universities have irresponsibly allowed the preaching of the politics of hate under the guise of free speech.

By lobbying our MPs on an issue that we believe will gain cross-party consensus, we aim to provide universities with a clear framework that can be adopted by student unions.

These issues are urgent. Campus must be a safe environment for all students. It is unacceptable that hostile antisemitic sentiment has been allowed to spread.

It is shameful that Jewish students are being threatened by extremism. It is time our educational institutions took responsibility.

I am proud of UJS which protests, defends and engages peacefully in order to protect the welfare of its members. I am hopeful that our MPs will recognise the urgency of removing extremists from our universities and in doing so the student movement of Britain can be taken in a united, positive direction.

Rebecca, 20, studies at Nottingham University

Last updated: 10:47am, February 10 2011