Who will win? It is time for you to decide...

November 25, 2010

Jewish students face a tough choice when electing their new leader this week.

Daniel Grabiner is, in many ways, the consummate candidate: Experienced in leading a large JSoc, plugged into the national political scene, and with an impressive list of contacts across the campus spectrum.

His efforts in Leeds and the obvious strength of his candidacy point towards someone who has prepared for the role for years.

He would undoubtedly be a safe pair of hands and would be comfortably capable of continuing the work of Adam Pike and Alex Dwek.

Put simply, Daniel gets it. He knows what is required, he understands what the job entails.

Marcelle Jennings presents something of a new, and thoroughly welcome, option.

A candidate from a smaller JSoc may often, and unfairly, be regarded as a non-starter for the top job.

But senior figures in the Jewish student world have been enormously impressed with Marcelle's campaigning efforts in the past year. She has been highlighted as "one to watch" for some time.

She has bravely led the way in tackling anti-Israel motions and activity on the south coast, and is as impressive a campaigner as UJS could hope for.

If Jewish students want to genuinely think differently, take a new approach and open their minds, then Marcelle, as a female leader from outside the mainstream "big four" Jewish universities, has the potential to be a revolutionary leader.

Her biggest challenge is securing enough votes to take on an opponent who has previously led one of those huge JSocs.

Daniel needs only a fraction of his supporters in the northern heartlands to turn up to vote to carry him to victory.

It may be a close-run thing, but UJS will have an impressive and credible new leader, whoever is triumphant.

Last updated: 1:11pm, November 25 2010