Idan on his way to UK

By Marcus Dysch, November 11, 2010

Israeli singer-songwriter Idan Raichel will tour campuses later this month.

He will perform in Leeds, Birmingham and Nottingham between November 28 and December 1 as part of a campaign organised by the Union of Jewish Students.

It is hoped the triple platinum-selling artist will also hold discussion groups with students following his gigs to discuss interfaith work and unity on campus.

In Leeds he is expected to run a workshop with the university's music department, handing down essential tips to Jewish and non-Jewish students.

Idan has changed the face of popular music in the Middle East with his blend of African, Latin American and Caribbean sounds. His live show was one of the most unexpected success stories in Israeli music history.

Tickets cost just £5 from

Last updated: 4:51pm, November 11 2010