Meat treat for Cardiff Jewish students

By Katie Taylor, October 26, 2010

The newly refurbished Cardiff Hillel has hosted its first ever meaty Friday night meal.

The Hillel, with its new meat kitchen and brand new appliances was able to serve a meaty meal to 12 students, including UJS Central development officer, Matt Keston.

Mr Keston said: “The night was a roaring success. The food was fantastic and we played a lot of fun games.

“It was a perfect start to the year for the Cardiff JSoc committee who now hope to run Friday nights in the Hillel centre every other week.”

Previously, the Friday night’s at Cardiff Hillel had to be vegetarian with no separate meat kitchen available.

Last Friday, the JSoc members enjoyed chicken soup, chopped liver, roast chicken with Safardi rice and potatoes, followed by a selection of Israeli deserts.

Cardiff JSoc president, Danielle Morashti, worked with student chaplain Moshe Baron cleaning cupboards and utensils to make sure the kitchen was koshered in time.

She said: “The night went really well and everybody really enjoyed themselves.

“We had a chicken theme on the menu to celebrate the fact we could eat meat on a Friday night!”

Last updated: 12:15pm, October 27 2010