Campus Notebook: May 16, 2014

By Charlotte Oliver, May 16, 2014
Edinburgh celebrates Israel

Edinburgh celebrates Israel

Laters Liverpool

Liverpool JSoc waved goodbye to this year’s graduating members with a special Leaver’s Oneg, attended by more than 30 people. Final-year students prepared the feast, which for soon-to-be graduate Naomi Kudrén “brought back memories of last year when I was co-chair in JSoc. Peeling carrots for chicken soup, setting the table, and making sure the drinks are chilled, comes naturally”. For Naomi, who is going on to do a Masters at Salford Uni, the evening was a way to show appreciation to the JSoc after three years of social and pastoral care. “It has given me friends that I will hopefully have for the rest of my life. It gave me a family,” she said

A bonnie BBQ

More than 20 exam-flustered students descended upon Edinburgh’s Meadows Park last week for a barbecue bash laid on by chaplaincy in celebration of Yom Ha’atzmaut. “I felt it was a good time for students to get out a bit to get some fresh air and delicious lunch,” chaplain Rabbi Yossi explained. I wonder if deep-fried Mars bars were on the menu.

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