Campus Notebook: May 2, 2014

By Charlotte Oliver, May 1, 2014
Miriam Rose gets cooking

Miriam Rose gets cooking


Ear-deep in exam revision, 21-year-old Miriam Rose faced a lonely Pesach when her parents went to Israel for the holidays. But the Middlesex undergrad got busy in the kitchen and, with the help of The Shabbat Project, laid on a full Seder in her house for 36 fellow London-based students. “A lot of people are on study abroad programmes, so couldn’t be with their families,” Miriam said. “But we were able to create an inclusive atmosphere with something for everyone. Friendships were definitely formed.” And even though she is graduating this year, Miriam hinted a similar service may well be held next Pesach: “I’m applying for a Masters, so watch this space!”


Not to be outdone by their southern counterparts, students up in
St Andrews also rallied together during Pesach — choosing a local church hall, of all places, to wine and dine. Outgoing JSoc president Joel Salmon explained: “Fifty people came, so we couldn’t fit everyone into our normal meeting place.” Joel led the service, which included all guests singing ma nishtana together, while first-year students searched for the afikomen. “It’s important that, as a society, we’re providing for the religious needs of our members,” he said. “It was moving to see such a large and vibrant crowd here in St Andrews.”


Young World Jewish Relief guests

Young World Jewish Relief guests

What’s better than drinking cocktails on a Saturday evening? Drinking them for charity, of course. More than 100 students and young professionals caroused at the Jerusalem Bar and Kitchen in London last weekend for Young World Jewish Relief’s “Next Year in Jerusalem” event, raising over £1,000 in the process. YWJR chair Hannah Layton said: “With these events, we can ensure the charity can continue for years to come.”

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