Campus Notebook: February 7, 2014

By Charlotte Oliver, February 6, 2014
Leeds' medical meet and greet

Leeds' medical meet and greet


The Jewish physician is an endless source of maternal pride, so one can only imagine the nachas roused when Leeds’ medical students held a meet-and-greet with the city’s Jewish doctors at Hillel House. Around 15 students and their professional counterparts came together for a “speed meeting” session. Chairman of Leeds Student Jewish Medical Association Daniel Beder said: “If you sit down next to a medic you’ve never met before, you’ll still be chatting two hours later”. An interesting diagnosis.

Westminster JSoc held a special HMD event, welcoming survivor Rudi Oppenheimer on campus.Thirty-five or so students heard how he had been imprisoned in Holland, before being allowed to come to the UK as an “exchange” Jew in return for the release of German prisoners. JSoc president Natasha Sporn said the event was “humbling, sad, upsetting, interesting and inspiring all at the same time”.


Westminster JSoc with Holocaust survivor Rudi Oppenheimer

Westminster JSoc with Holocaust survivor Rudi Oppenheimer

Oxford’s JSoc held a 110th birthday bash like no other on Sunday. Alumni, JSoc members and non-Jewish students were treated to a night of cocktails, canapés and candy floss, with jazz, simcha dancing and speeches from students Paul Erdunast, Adam Dayan and Ben Goldstein. The ball’s co-president Juliette Ginsberg said: “I hope it sets the tone for the next 110 years of the JSoc.”


It was a “happy neigh year” in Birmingham on Friday with JSoc’s Chinese-themed Shabbat dinner – celebrating the year of the horse. More than 60 guests were treated to a sumptuous feast that included kosher spring rolls and sweet-and-sour chicken — all home-made.

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