Campus Notebook: January 24, 2014

By Charlotte Oliver, January 30, 2014

Campus JSocs come in many shapes and sizes, and for every longstanding society like Oxford’s, there is another that is planting its roots. But what are the leaders of the UK’s most burgeoning JSocs planning for 2014?


JSoc members: 30
President: Isaac Ansell-Forsyth, aged 19, studying psychology

He says: “After over a decade of trying, we finally have the chance to get a Jewish student flat in Glasgow. This is a real game-changer for Jewish campus life, as there has been a lot of schlepping back and forth from the city’s Jewish area for kosher facilities. To get the flat, we need a minimum of three people to live there, so it’s urgent we get people signing up.
Our other aims for this year are to increase our core membership, and further our interfaith and social action.


JSoc members: 20
President: Saul Gaunt, 21, studying paramedic practice

He says: “This year, I am organising the south coast inter-JSoc Friday-night-dinner sleepover for all the Jewish societies down south. JSoc is important because, when Jewish students are away for the first time from home, they need chicken soup and the opportunity to meet other Jewish students — especially down in Sussex where there are so few of us.”


JSoc members: 25
Vice-President: Josh Isaac, 19, studying multi-media

He says: “At the end of the month, we will be hosting Holocaust survivor Solly Irving, who will recount his experiences for us on Holocaust Memorial Day. We will also be taking part in Brunel’s One World Week, which celebrates the university’s diverse community.
“JSoc is important in order to maintain students’ enthusiasm for Judaism and to help them stand proudly together as a distinct group of people.”

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