Campus Notebook: January 31, 2014

By Charlotte Oliver, January 31, 2014


Cambridge airwaves are abuzz with chutzpah this month, with the launch of the student radio’s first-ever Jewish Hour, Hava Nagiggle. Every Sunday at midnight, budding JSoc DJs are taking over the mic for an hour of conversation and klezmer classics.

JSoc president and resident DJ Daniel Edward said: “It’s such a fun way to get to know other JSoc members better, as well 
as increase the profile of the society around the university”. He also revealed the show’s biggest hit so far: an “Ask Yenta” segment, where listeners can phone in for a natter with the on-air Jewish grandmother (otherwise known as student Eliot Cohen, masterly channelling his very best bubbe).


Celine, Mariah and Adele have some serious competition at Birmingham University, if last Sunday’s all-girls karaoke night is anything to go by. Organised by Aish’s rebbetzin Alli Sturgess, 20 students took a break from their books and headed to the student union bar to release their inner divas.

There were some surprises on the night, not least from violin student Judy Harris, who brought tears to eyes with her powerhouse performance of Whitney Houston’s I Have Nothing. Rebbetzin Sturgess said she organised the event “to give the girls a chance to let their hair down”.


Breakfast came early (or late?) in Nottingham when Chabad served up a revision break with a difference: a late-night brekkie smorgasbord from 11pm to 1.30am. More than 50 students tucked into croissants, pancakes, cereals and bagels.

Chabadnik Brocha Lent said: “So many students are up late cramming for exams and don’t get the time for a decent meal. This gave them a chance to grab a bite to eat, have a quick break and get back to revision”.

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