Campus Notebook: November 22, 2013

By Charlotte Oliver, November 22, 2013
Oxford students got busy baking bagels

Oxford students got busy baking bagels


Jewish Experience Week (J.E.W) stormed across university campuses with special stalls set up by individual JSocs. J.E.W crews tempted passers-by with cookies and cakes, and handed out leaflets about lesser-known Jewish communities around the world – including those from India, Ethiopia and Arab countries. “We spoke to nearly 100 students”, said Exeter’s Emma Lauren Rosen. “Many weren’t even aware there were Jews here on campus.”


Oxford’s Chaplaincy and JSoc showed their well-bread side on Thursday when they baked 115 individual challot for local homeless shelter, Gatehouse. Student Paul Erdunast said: “I’m a first-time challah baker. For me, it was about doing something fun and serving excellent challot for the communities of Oxford.” Sounds like a good way to raise dough.


Budding fashionistas took up Sheffield JSoc’s challenge to decorate their own kippot, with wannabe Stephen Joneses and Sarah Burtons using glue and glitter to create their absolutely fabulous masterpieces. “Some even put them on for their afternoon lectures”, revealed JSoc president Charlotte Zoe Swead.


A project catwalk kippah in Sheffield

A project catwalk kippah in Sheffield

Warwick hosted an extra-special interfaith dinner on Friday night. Guests were encouraged to “Banjo” — that’s “bring a non-Jew over” — so that they could gain their first-ever experience of a stomach-filling Shabbat meal. According to Jordan Jacobs, the evening’s guests were treated to some unique entertainment — “my exceptional and uplifting singing.” But not a banjo (of the musical kind )in sight.

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