Two-person race for UJS president

By Charlotte Oliver, November 20, 2013
Ella Rose and Raphi Diamond's presidential campaign posters

Ella Rose and Raphi Diamond's presidential campaign posters

Campaigns were launched this week for the top role in Jewish student politics, UJS president, with two third-year students in the running.

Ella Rose is studying history and politics at the University of Nottingham. She hopes to use her experience as JSoc’s Israel campaigns officer to drive UJS forward as a “grassroots, peer-led organisation”.

If elected, Ms Rose would like to increase UJS conferences, offer students the chance to give regular online feedback, and increase Jewish student networks both in the UK and abroad.

“My manifesto is designed around what I’ve seen on campus, my time with the UJS and what I feel will directly benefit students”, she said. “We need to bring the UJS back to the students”.

Raphi Diamond is a psychology student at the University of Manchester. He has spent a year on the UJS national council, and now wants to take the reins under the three principles of “communication, community and continuity.”

Ella Rose (l) and Raphi Diamond (r)

Ella Rose (l) and Raphi Diamond (r)

“Talking to JSocs all over the country, the biggest problem seems to be that they may not know what the UJS does, what is available to them, or even that it exists”, he said. “We need to publicise.

“I think the beautiful thing about UJS is that it does represent all Jewish students, but I don’t think all Jewish students know that. I’ve got a big plan detailing how we can go into schools and communities all over the country and get them involved in UJS before they go to university”, he added.

Voting will open from December 4 – 11, with the winner announced soon after at the annual UJS conference. He or she will then officially take over from current president Joe Tarsh in the summer of 2014.

Last updated: 1:28pm, November 20 2013