Campus Notebook: November 15, 2013

By Charlotte Oliver, November 15, 2013
The winning 'Jewniversity Challenge' team in all their glory

The winning 'Jewniversity Challenge' team in all their glory


Cambridge JSoc held its own “Jewniversity Challenge” last week. The winning team consisted of CUJS leaders past, present and future: Josh Gertner, Stephanie Posner, Josh Goodman and Ben Leibowitz, whose reward will be to select this term’s charity for the JSoc’s fund-raising. Meanwhile, quiz master Aviv Boonin gave Jeremy Paxman some serious competition with his no-nonsense probing. Be afraid, Paxo, be afraid.


What do you do when, en route to becoming the perfect Jewish mother and rebbetzin, you realise you’re in love with your female best friend? You sing about it, of course. Oxford JSoc hosted Emily Rose’s hilarious one-woman musical on Sunday, watching her grapple with the conflicting demands of her family, her head and her heart.


Emily Rose in "Confessions of a Rabbi's Daughter"

Emily Rose in "Confessions of a Rabbi's Daughter"

Manchester University JSoc got all fixed up and looked sharp on Friday for the outgoing committee’s final Friday-night dinner. More than 100 people turned up in their black-tie best and feasted on champagne and canapes, before the prerequisite chicken soup service. According to president Mark Larah, guests “got into the spirit and dressed magnificently”.


Exeter students were seeing stars on Friday as the BBC came to town for Shabbat. A camera crew for the programme, Inside Out, filmed shulgoers, before recording a singing performance at the bimah. But all devices were swiftly turned off for the service, followed by a sumptuous JSoc dinner to toast Exeter’s newfound celebrity.

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