Jewish society flourishes in Scotland

By Marcus Dysch, April 25, 2013

Glasgow JSoc has enjoyed a year of revival, culminating with being named runner-up in the Developing JSoc of the Year category at the Union of Jewish Students’ annual awards.

New committee members said they had worked hard to run a series of innovative events, including a Shabbat dinner hosted by Glasgow University’s Catholic chaplaincy.

University Jewish Chaplaincy’s Yossi and Sarah Bodenheim have supported the committee’s efforts, helping it overcome the challenges of preparing kosher meals and arranging for the Catholic chaplain to provide facilities.

Isaac Ansell, JSoc president, said a meeting with UJS representatives and Hillel had been a “positive first step of a determined operation on behalf of Glasgow’s Jewish students”.

JSoc members (pictured above) have campaigned for a facility on, or close to, the university which could be used to host events, particularly on Shabbat.

A residential space would allow the society to host students and speakers from outside the city. Among the other successful events held by the JSoc were pub-crawls, film nights and a sushi night.

Mr Ansell said: “Glasgow Jsoc is here to unite Jewish students from all of Glasgow’s universities. We are here for all your needs — whether you’re looking for great events such as Friday night meals, or just a warm, comfortable environment with lots of friendly faces.”

Last updated: 9:57am, April 25 2013