Campus Notebook: Manchester Booze for Jews

By Marcus Dysch, February 28, 2013
Students at Manchester's space-themed Booze for Jews

Students at Manchester's space-themed Booze for Jews

● Manchester JSoc’s annual Booze for Jews party attracted more than 150 students from across the country.

The event was one of a series of sessions which took place under the “Manchester’s Big Weekend” banner and included a Friday night dinner and Shabbat activities.

The weekend had a “space” theme and was attended by students from JSocs in Leeds, Nottingham and other cities.

● Students from Imperial JSoc and Kings JSoc took part in a laser quest contest in central London.

The inter-JSoc battle was won by Imperial, with around 20 people joining in the action.

Noah Nathan, president of the victorious JSoc, said: “It was lovely to have a friendly yet competitive activity with another JSoc.

“It showed that despite our differences we can come together and have a great time.”

Despite the defeat, Kings JSoc president Simon Fidler said the event had been “a lot of fun”.

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