Harmen - squad


    Andy Okin.jpg
    Goals this season:
    14 December 1974

    Favourite team: Liverpool

    The club's firm No.1, Andy is one of the fittest athletes at Harmen, having completed both the London and New York Marathons. He has improved his game enormously in the last couple of seasons and now dominates his area much more. He has always been an excellent shot-stopper but he is proving to himself and his teammates that he has what it takes to go to the next level. He has purple blood running through his veins and loves the club so much, he is thinking about getting a Harmen patio at his new house. Andy has been at Harmen since the beginning and is a massive influence at the club. Previous Clubs: Edmonton Rangers, Bull & Bush, Faithfold, Oxford & St.Georges Honours: North London South Herts League Div 5 & Div 4 Winners Maccabi Div 1 Runners up x 2 Maccabi Div 5 & 3 Champions Harmen Award for Services to the Club 2001/02