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    Goals this season:
    28 April 1977

    Mr Rachel Stevens! Previous Clubs Juventus (North London), Oxford & St.Georges Honours: Southgate Harmen FC Manager's Player of the Year 2001, Top Goal-scorer 2003 & 2005, Maccabi Div 1 Player of the Season 2004-05 Profile: Bourney has taken apart more Maccabi defences than "Big Stu" has had holidays. His aerial power and physical presence are matched only by the flair he displays whenever he sees the opportunity to execute an overhead kick. He has been at the club since the start and has been a major factor behind its success. He brings heart and soul to the dressing room as well as focus exercises! 2004/5 saw him step up a level and he will be looking forward to establishing himself as the number 1 forward in the league next season.

    Age: 32
    Lives: Primrose Hill
    Occupation: Actor/Property
    Nicknames: Bourney, Bourneskilove
    Teams supported: Spurs, AC Milan, Real Madrid
    Position: Centre forward Previous clubs: Oxford and St Georges, Juventus (Not the Italian club!)
    Status: Married
    Likes: Food, football, films, music, sex
    Dislikes: Arrogance, ignorance, Celion Dion
    Football idol: Marco Van Basten
    Best players played with: Paul Miller, Jon Hirshler, Ben Graham
    Famous look-a-like: Desperate Dan
    Favourite ground: White Hart Lane, Ashmole
    Favourite food: Japanese, but I just like food Favourite restaurants: Rib Shack, Delisserie
    Favourite holiday destination: Thailand, America, France, Italy (for loads for different reasons)
    Favourite film: Hard one but probably Deer Hunter
    Favourite car: Lincoln Continental and Rolls Royce Phantom Actual car: Fiat 500 and Mercedes SLK
    Big match preparation: Up early, a number two, Frosties, Rocky soundtrack and lots of Vapo rub and deep heat...not all at the same time!
    Dream date: Rachel Stevens
    Career highlight: Winning top goal-scorer in the league and being voted as best player in Division 1 2005
    Claim to fame: I know Ziggy from Big Brother…
    One regret: No regrets
    Mottos: No regrets, There's no deodorant for desperation, Live each day like its your last
    Studs or blades? Blades
    Bagels or rye bread? Hmmm...Bagels with smoked salmon, Rye with Salt Beef
    Shwarma or falafel? Don't know what Shwarma is so falafel