Shirley Park - squad



    Left wing
    Goals this season:

    Age: 31
    Lives: Birmingham
    Occupation: Sales Manager at Papzt
    Nickname: Plotters (very original!)
    Supports: Aston Villa
    Position: Centre mid
    Previous clubs: WBA, Hereford Utd and a brief stint at London Lions, before they were any good!
    Status: Single
    Likes: Anything sports-related
    Dislikes: Sirens going off in Israel
    Football idol: Paul Scholes
    Which boots do you wear? Nike Tiempo Pro Premier
    Best players played with: Jewish - Daryl Phillips and Alex Levack (sorry Daggers!), Non-Jewish - Lloyd Dyer
    Famous look-a-like: I’ve been told Jason Statham
    Favourite ground: Villa Park
    Favourite food: Thai
    Favourite restaurant: Solly’s
    Favourite holiday destination: Atlantis, Bahamas
    Favourite film: The Godfather
    Favourite car: Shirley’s chairman’s Mercedes Limousine
    Actual car: I don’t drive
    Big match preparation: Porridge and bananas
    Worst-dressed teammate: Gideon Gold
    Dream date: Natalie Portman
    Career highlight: Captaining GB futsal at the 2005 Maccabiah Games
    Most embarrassing moment: Too many “frank the tank” moments to mention!
    Claim to fame: Played against a full-strength Manchester United in a pre-season friendly in 2001 for Hereford
    One regret: Notmaking an Open men’s squad at a Maccabiah
    Motto: Our blood, our sweat, your tears
    Studs or blades? Blades
    Bagels or rye bread? Bagels
    Shwarma or falafel? Shwarma all day