Redbridge Jewish Care B - squad



    Daniel Howard.jpg
    Goals this season:

    Age: 28
    Lives: Finchley
    Occupation: Commercial property consultant
    Nickname: ‘The Horse’
    Team supported: Spurs
    Position: Right back/centre back
    Previous clubs: London Maccabi Lions
    Status: Married
    Likes: Travelling
    Dislikes: Tuna
    Football idol: Messi
    Best player played with: Jewish - Alex Levack when he’s not moaning, Non-Jewish - Mark Fuller on holiday legend
    Famous look-a-like: Prince William
    Favourite ground: Camp Nou, Barcelona
    Favourite food: Steak
    Favourite kosher restaurant: Itzik Hagadol, Jaffa, Tel Aviv
    Favourite holiday destination: Thailand
    Favourite film: What about Bob
    Favourite car: Audi R8
    Actual car: Hyundai i30
    Big match preparation: Curry and Match of The Day
    Dream date: Eva Mendes
    Career highlight: Playing at The Den in 2009 property cup final, winning the Morrison this year with Faithfold
    Most embarrassing moment: Getting naked on Franz Joseph, Glazier not knowing there were tourist groups watching and to make it worse having that photo being made in to a life size cut out by best men at my wedding, classic
    Claim to fame: Being on Capital FM
    One regret: Don’t believe in them
    Motto: Live for today and forget about tomorrow
    Studs or blades? Blades
    Bagels or rye bread? Bagels
    Shwarma or falafel? Shwarma every time