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    Centre back
    Goals this season:

    Alex Bowman (North West Neasden B)
    Age: 21
    Lives: Edgware
    Occupation: Estate Agent
    Nickname: Ted Danson
    Team supported: Spurs
    Position: Centre forward
    Previous clubs: London Maccabi Lions
    Status: Taken
    Likes: Women, clubbing, football and working
    Dislikes: Brussels sprouts, Arsenal
    Football idol: Lionel Messi
    Best player played with: Jewish - Oliver Leslie, Non-Jewish: Max Shields (we don’t think he’s Jewish)
    Famous look-a-like: David Bentley
    Favourite ground: White Hart Lane
    Favourite food: Chicken Schnitzal + Chips with a touch of Lemon juice
    Favourite kosher restaurant: dizingoff
    Favourite holiday destination: Miami and Australia
    Favourite film: Face Off
    Favourite car: Audi R8
    Actual car: Smart
    Big match preparation: 5 Vodka Red Bulls, x2 Bananas and a glass of water.
    Dream date: Joanna Carr in a NWN kit
    Career highlight: Meeting Ryan Glynne + Sammy Car
    Most embarrassing moment: Missing a penalty against brady to complete my Hat-Rick
    Claim to fame: Playing along side Adam Klien and Daniel Daggers
    One regret: I don’t have any
    Motto: Impossible is Nothing
    Studs or blades? Blades
    Bagels or rye bread? Bagles
    Shwarma or falafel? Shwarma