Deadly Dinkin does the biz

By Danny Caro, week beginning 2 March 2014

Player name: David Dinkin
Position: RB
Goals this season: 7

It's been an excellent season so far for NLR and striker David Dinkin. Not many strikers have the luxury of, on most weeks, Matt Stock on one side and Jamie Wolfson on the other. He does well to keep up with them for starters! The David Dinkin of yesteryear would've struggled big time. But a leaner, meaner Dinkin is proof that if you work hard, you get the rewards. He has really stepped up a gear or two this season and his goal against Oakwood was to-die-for. Keeper Dan Cohen hardly moved (Ed. no change there then!)

His touch and technique is second to none and he's moved on from being the Teddy Sheringham of Jewish football.

With the league programme done and dusted, Dinkin is hungry for more wonder goals and rumour has it has made room in his cabinet for more silverware.