Young Lions off the mark at last

By Danny Caro, October 28, 2013

1 - 2

Adam Arnold
Zac Rose
Sam Shooter
Match date:
10 November 2013 10:30am
Rowley Lane
Laurence Thorne

Lions White registered their first win of the season as they came away victorious in the Rowley Lane derby.

Strikes from 16-year-olds Zac Rose and Sam Shooter lifted some clouds for the Lions.

Brady manager Joel Nathan told JC Sport: "It was not a happy Brady camp. Today we were second best for 60 minutes and it has been like that too many times this season...

"We had to make a lot of changes from last week, but the boys who played know they should have done better this morning.

"Well done to the young Lions side as they showed great spirit through out the game and never have us a second.

"We have a break from the league for a couple of weeks as we have back-to-back cup games and the boys know they owe each other a big performance next time."