Kaye's in credit for Neasden

By Danny Caro, November 8, 2013

North West Neasden

2 - 1

Hendon Utd Sports Club B

Daniel Orgel
Danny Sherman

Match date:
17 November 2013 10:30am
John Nitka

NWN gave Stirling Kay his first win since taking over as they edged past Hendon B.

The ever-dependable Dan Orgel and Danny Sherman were the goal heroes for NWN.

Orgel opened the scoring following a superb team move - it was started from the back went from right to left with eight players getting one or two touches and ended with Orgel smashing the ball into the bottom corner.

The second goal came after half time when Hendon were caught cold with a short corner and Sherman was first to react to the cross.

After the goal NWN seemed to relax too much and Hendon had a number of half chances - mainly down to the fact as a team NWN decided to pass the ball to Hendon.

The visitors claimed a late goal through a mix-up in the NWN defence.

Neasden boss Stirling Kay told JC Sport: "We dominated the first half and the Hendon keeper did very well to keep us down to one goal.

"Hendon played their part in a entertaining game; they have improved a lot sinse our earlier game. We are looking to bring in an attacking player either wide or centre forward, but they must be strong enough to play in the Premier, ready, hopefully, for next season, if we get promoted - contact stirlingatpoker1@aol.com. "