Hustlers hit Boca for six

By Danny Caro, October 28, 2013

Boca Jewniors

3 - 6

Dovi Fehler
Dovi Fehler
Yehoshua Silverman
David Elf
David Elf
Ben David
Match date:
10 November 2013 10:30am
Roger Bannister
Harrow Weald

Henry Raffe

Hendon C recorded their first win in over a month, with David Elf (2), Ben David, Jono Nesbitt (2) and Gab Saul doing the damage against Boca in Pinner.

Boca's goals came through Dovi Fehler (2) and Yehosua Silverman.

Hendon boss Adam Glekin told JC Sport: "That was more like it! I've known we were capable of performances like this, but we've been very sluggish the last few weeks . Today we were a bit short of numbers with only 11 available, a few players had to play out of position but I thought to a man, we were excellent. Some of our goals were good enough to grace any division, we showed some real quality. Very pleased with today, but I'll be expecting the same level of quality and commitment from now till the end of the season."