Haroldeans make their point

By Danny Caro, December 9, 2013

FC Team B

2 - 2

Blake Buckman
Mitch Lassman
Oli Joseph
Match date:
15 December 2013 10:30am
Old Camdenians
Burton Hole Lane, London NW7
Neal Cohen

Haroldeans showed good battling qualities to draw at FC Team B.

Blake Buckman and Mitch Lassman struck for Team, with Oli Joseph and Yaf Asher replying for Haroldeans.

Haroldeans joint-manager Jonny Abrams told JC Sport: "I can't fault the players' commitment, after going a goal down each time they fought hard and earned a point. We were slightly annoyed that we couldn't get all three points, but as the league table shows, we prevented them from moving any further, which will be crucial at the end of the season."

Joint manager Sam Huglin remarked: "The fact that we have taken four points out of six off FC Team B, an established team, in our first season is an achievement in itself."