Four-midable Cats march on

By Danny Caro, August 6, 2013

Catford and Bromley Macc.

4 - 1

AC Whetstone

Yonni Bord
Yonni Bord
Eli Baraty
Alex Wolffenden
Match date:
8 September 2013 10:30am
Norseman FC

The Cats made it two out of two, with Yonni Bord leading the way with a quality double. Eli Baraty was also on target.

Whetstone's goal came through Alex Wolffenden.

Clive Nathan, the Whetstone boss, told JC Sport: "Considering it was our first-ever senior game, and that we only had one player over 16 (and that's me at 48!), I am hugely proud of all our boys. We play the game the right way and will only get better. Full credit to Catford who took the chances we gave them and played the game in a very sporting manner."



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