Faithfold make their point

By Danny Caro, March 14, 2014

Temple Fortune

0 - 0

Match date:
23 March 2014 10:30am
Roger Bannister
Harrow Weald

R Caplin

Defences came out on top as the bottom two teams shared the points after an uninspiring contest at Chase Lodge.
Faithfold had the better of the chances, with striker Ben Simons missing the best opportunity to win it 10 minutes from time.

Fortune boss Jonathan Cohen told JC Sport: "It certainly wasn't a classic - we didn’t get close to replicating anything like our form of last week and although we got a point, I would say we were fortunate.

That being said we did also have good chances to win the game, but it would have been very unfair on Faithfold, who I thought were excellent in the first half."

Faithfold boss David Garbacz told JC Sport: "It was a proper basement battle with 0-0 written all over it!

"I think it was just one of those days for us where it wasn't going to go in however long we played for. We missed sitters, hit the woodwork several times on another day we would have won that game comfortably.

"I was pleased with us defensively as apart from the last few minutes they really didn't have a sniff.

"On the plus side we have now played well post the waterlogged break."