Defences on top as Blizzard frustrates Oaks

By Danny Caro, August 6, 2013

Oakwood B

0 - 0

Blizzard Storm

Match date:
8 September 2013 10:30am
Parmiters Sports Centre
Thomas Parmiters School, High Elms Lane, Garston
Martin Lavender

Defences dominated in the clash between title hopefuls Oakwood B and Blizzard Storm as the teams came away honours even.

Oaks boss Ian Tussie told JC Sport: "It was a decent game, not one for the purists. I reckon Match of the Day would have wanted to have made it their feature game (last season's Div 3 Champions, first day in Div 2, big build up, fairytale start on the cards?), but will have been forced to drop it down to game 3 or 4.

"Post-match, maybe a few replays of Marc Conway's half volley over the ball with Lawrenson and Savage in agreement that 'he needed to kick it on target to score', maybe a couple of look-backs at the controversial moments including when the Storm striker tried to leave his studs on Oren Hury's head (disgusting play, should have went off, ended up limping off 'injured' having been inches away from seriously injuring Oren), and a couple of handbag flashpoints at the end of the game.

"Possibly Lineker asking Savage if Carl Peters should have squared his volley across the six-yard box to the on-rushing Dave Eden and Vic Librae rather than shooting, but ending up with everyone in agreement that he did the right thing to 'test the keeper'.

"Should Ben Polak have scored his header at the back post from a deep Librae corner early in the second half? No said Lawrenson. And that was that."

Blizzard boss Simon Linden told JC Sport: "I'm pleased with a good point and a clean sheet against a tough team in Oakwood.

"We lost Dan Vandermolen early on and had five other players out, so to get a draw against a good side I can't complain."