Brilliant Boca off the mark

By Danny Caro, October 1, 2013

Boca Jewniors

2 - 1

NL Raiders C

Dovi Fehler
Liam Stein
Match date:
13 October 2013 10:30am
Roger Bannister
Harrow Weald

It was a super Sunday for the Boca boys who claimed their first win in over a year, with Ricky Ziedermann and Dovi Fehler doing the damage in the 2-1 victory over Norstar C.

Liam Stein scored for the second consecutive week for Raiders, but it was Boca who was smiling at the final whistle.

Boca joint-manager Jack Shulman told JC Sport: "We started quickly getting an early goal and then continued to dominate the game. Their goal came as we got closer to half time and we took our foot off the gas a bit.

"When the second half started we picked it up again and showed we where good enough to win and we got the goal we deserved.

"Norstar threw everything at us, even the kitchen sink, but our defence held up and showed that we aren't the pushovers that people think we are.

"I am immensely proud to get my first win and am even happier it was against Norstar as they are a good team."

Norstar boss Zack Gothelf told JC Sport: "The awful conditions did us no favours against a much-improved Boca.

"We struggled to perform close to the impressive standards of the previous week, but hopefully this is just a blip for Norstar who will be more determined that ever to get three points next Sunday."



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