Brady strike back in style

By Danny Caro, September 4, 2013

FC Team C

1 - 2

Bradley Sharp
Jon Ellis
Match date:
15 September 2013 10:30am
Old Camdenians
Burton Hole Lane, London NW7

Strikes from Brad Sharp and Jon Ellis helped Brady A come from behind to claim their first win of the season in a close contest in Mill Hill.

Brady joint-manager Joel Nathan told JC Sport: "I'm very happy with today's win In a game where we dominated possession.

"However, we again went behind against the run of play and then were lucky to be only 1-0 down when FC Team should have scored a couple of breakaway goals, but for great defending by Zac Skry and a great double save by Sam Singer.

"I always knew this young team can play great football and they showed this today, but they also showed great determination to come back again like last week, but this time they held on to record a great win."

FC Team boss Mitch Young told JC Sport: "We always new Brady would play good football and we allowed them time on the ball. We were outstanding defensively in the first half and on the counter we created numerous clear-cut chances.

"In truth we should have been 3-0 at half time and the game would have been out of sight. Instead we only led by the one goal. We knew we would need another goal and to be fair to Brady they came out in the second half and dominated possession, but without creating a clear-cut opportunity. They scored a lucky deflected goal to bring them back into the game and then a set-piece. After which we missed another clear-cut chance. I am tempted to say my grandma would have scored the chances we missed!

"We know at this level if you don't take your chances you won't win games and I am hopeful we can forget about this one and move on. We defended brilliantly and created numerous opportunities.

"Joel & Josh have a great young team and they play very attractive football. I also want to mention Bradley Sharp who I thought was outstanding at left back."

Commenting on the ref, Young added: "I am shocked, amazed and disappointed at what we all witnessed on Sunday. We have heard various managers complain about the referees in our league over the past few seasons and I myself have made reports to Martin Fox internally on a number of occassions, but what we saw on Sunday was a disgrace.

"Firstly, the Brady defender went through the back of our striker, nowhere near the ball - a straight red in anyone's book! Then straight after the defender kicked our striker in the head for everyone to see. The referee saw the foul as he had blown up and the kick was in the middle of the pitch straight after. Yellow card! Wow, I am still angry and upset. This may or may not have changed the game. Brady won the game and good luck to them.

"This is solely a complaint and a concern about the referee and standards in the MSFL. These guys are paid to do a job, they need to be held accountable and when my players' safety is brought into question this needs to be addressed. I am glad the game was filmed so everyone can see the incident and I can show this to the London FA.

"We need stronger referees in our league., I don't mind if human error gets an offside call wrong once or twice, but when this happens things need to be addressed. I think Maccabi GB should look at the standard of referring in the MSFL and come up with an intiative to encourage younger referees to come forward. All you can ask is that a referee upholds the laws of the game. I feel let down, my players feel let down and in truth I think Joel and Brady feel a bit embarrassed by the referee as well. Something needs be done.

"I just would like to point out I know there are a few exceptional referees in this league such as Richard Jaye, Warwick Blake and Toney McEvoy, but too often these situations happen and Sunday was unacceptable."



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