Blizzard blow Oaks away

By Danny Caro, October 1, 2013

Blizzard Storm

2 - 1

Oakwood B

Matt Jaffa
Louis Taylor

Match date:
13 October 2013 10:30am
Old Camdenians
Burton Hole Lane, London NW7
W Blake

Blizzard Storm showed great bouncebackability as Matt Jaffa and Louis Taylor steered them to a 2-1 win over high-flying Oakwood B.

Carl Peters netted for the Oaks but it was Simon Linden's men who recorded their third win of the season.

Oaks boss Ian Tussie told JC Sport: "In conditions more befitting our opponent's name, we lost a game that looking back we should really have won.

"Not taking anything away from them, because they took their chances, but I looked at the quality of the team I put out and I can't understand how we didn't win the game.

"I felt we shot ourselves in the foot firstly conceding straight from kick off in the second half to the softest of goals and then once we'd got ourselves back in the game through Carl Peters' brilliant half-volley we then conceded another stupid goal that we never really recovered from.

"It's incredibly frustrating because we want to get promoted, but with two defeats against our name already this season we've set ourselves a pretty big task to go up."