Bilbaum hit the jackpot

By Danny Caro, September 10, 2013

Athletic Bilbaum

9 - 0

Faithfold B

Jake Gilbert
Jake Gilbert
Jake Gilbert
Edward Green
Ben Bell
Zak Presky

Match date:
22 September 2013 10:30am
Hertswood Centre, Borehamwood
Potters Lane
Laurence Thorne

Athletic Bibaum found their shooting boots to the tune of 9-0 against Faithfold B.

The red-hot JAKE GILBERT helped himself to a hat-trick, and there were also goals for Ed Green, Ben Bell, Jack Bookatz, Sam Roth and Zak Presky.

Faithfold boss Dan Yoss told JC Sport: "We didn't turn up and showed no heart, commitment or desire.

"We'll try to pick the boys up for training on Sunday and just take it one game at a time.

"It's the worst day I've ever had in my time with the MSFL and there's a lot of hard work ahead to make us competitive in this league."