Auret at the double for Whetstone

By Danny Caro, October 1, 2013

AC Whetstone

3 - 2

Kings Crown

Philippe Auret
Philippe Auret
Dan Cohen
Benji Greenblatt
Daniel Cohen
Match date:
6 October 2013 10:30am
Chase Lodge
Page Street, Mill Hill, London
020 7681 4520

AC Whetstone completed back-to-back wins, with Philippe Auret and Dan Cohen on target for the second week in a row as they edged past King Crown.

Benji Greenblatt and Daniel Cohen were the scorers for King Crown who were unable to equalise having pulled it back to 3-2 with 30 minutes remaining.

Whetstone joint-manager Clive Nathan told JC Sport: "This brought us back down to earth after all last week's plaudits.

"We didn't play well other than for the first 10 minutes. We need to keep the ball better and pass quicker.

"The only good thing to come out of today was that it was sunny and we won."



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