Super Simon Linden

By Danny Caro, week beginning 1 January 1970

Manager name: Simon Linden
Team: Blizzard Storm

In fairness, few could argue had this week's award gone to L'Equipe's Gideon Chain or North London Raiders C's Oli Shorts. The only thing that stood between Chain and the award was the fact that Woodford Wanderers played their match with 10 players, and played 60 minutes with just nine. Any other week, Shorts would've have got it following the stunning 7-0 demolition of third placed Hendon C.

But, when push comes to shove, you cannot overlook the tactical genius of Blizzard Storm gaffer Simon Linden. Against a team that had previously only conceded six goals in nine matches, Linden, helped by top-class performances by Adam Speck and Alex Rubin, sat back and watched his team blow the favourites away in merciless fashion.

Linden told JC Sport: "What a win. We made Glenthorne look average and for a defence that has hardly conceded we tore them apart. It was a brilliant performance and we're delighted to be top."

It's the start of a big month for the Blizzard boys with matches against Hendon, Neasden and Los Blancos coming up. Under Linden, it's clear they will go on to bigger and better things.