Peters wins by a nose

By Danny Caro, week beginning 1 January 1970

Manager name: Dan Shafron
Team: North London Raiders A

There were several worthy contenders on Matchday 2 of the MGBSFL season - Jon Jacobs (Redbridge JC B), Zuriel Solomon (Faithfold A), Josh Dagul (Brady B), Mitch Young (FC Team A), Laurence Conway (SPEC FC), Jon Jacobs (Redbridge B), Michael Myers & Ben Gilbey (FC Team C), Jonathan Adelman (Raiders B) and Lester Jacobs (Catford & Bromley), but in the end the judges voted for Phil Peters.

Any talk of conspiracy theories were quickly laughed away for the Raiders boss who retains the award. Up against the Division One champions, he soon lost two key players in Matt Stock and Oli Henry and, to make matters worse, L'Orange went a goal behind.

But Peters shuffled his pack, making the right substitution and changed formation and the rest, as they say, is history.