Linden lauds it!

By Danny Caro, week beginning 1 January 1970

Manager name:
Team: Simon Linden

When he's not selling or fixing phones ('Arry, are you listening?), super Simon Linden (a very good man to know in a phone-related emergency, and you can find him at Fonehouse on Borehamwood High Street), manages Blizzard Storm. To date, his team has been consistently inconsistent, but they kept their promotion hopes alive with a thrilling comeback against Athletic Bilbaum. Trailing 2-0, it didn't look good - lets be honest, Simon - but his team clawed their way back into the game and then - the pièce de résistance - Linden moved Adam Speck from goalkeeper outfield and - with the match evenly poised at 3-3 - you guessed it, Speck only pops up and scores the winner. Inspired management? You betcha!