Dynamic Dave makes Lions pay the penalty

By Danny Caro, week beginning 1 January 1970

Manager name:

Dead-eye Dave Lusman sent Shirley clear at the top after masterminding a thrilling 3-2 win over title rivals Lions B at Rowley Lane.

The gaffer led by example, putting his team ahead with a sweetly-struck penalty in the first half followed by another - the winning goal - four minutes from time. Perhaps he can have a word with Stevie G.

Not many teams win at Rowley Lane and with his team sitting pretty at the top of the table, it will take a good team to knock them off their perch.

Lions boss Jamie Kyte commended Lusman and co. He told JC Sport: "Shirley Park score goals for fun and you can never switch off. Both were fantastic penalties, especially the second. Park are a quality team and I have no doubt they'll be pushing for promotion."