Study into dementia provision

February 4, 2011

The Nightingale care home in south London is joining forces the internationally renowned Bradford Dementia Group at Bradford University to create a blueprint for care for its residents with dementia.

Over the next two years, the organisations will work on a model provision for older people in care homes, which the partners believe will have national implications.

Bradford Dementia Group head of training and practice Paul Edwards believes "this project will transform care services for people with dementia and will raise the bar in what we can expect of care organisations in the field".

Nightingale chief executive Leon Smith said: "With the number of people with dementia set to double by 2030 and triple by 2050, it is vital that we ensure that the appropriate provisions are being made to help care homes across the UK provide the very best care.

"There can be no doubt that a move towards even more person-centred care is a route which all homes must follow."

It's a move towards even more person-centred care

Around 70 per cent of the 200 Nightingale residents suffer from some form of dementia. Ten years ago, the proportion was around half.

Last updated: 9:56am, February 4 2011